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In ancient Scandinavia ...

… the Valkyries reaped the dead, bearing the souls of warriors to glorious Valhalla ... and banishing the rest to Helheim for an afterlife of dull tedium. So when the gentle boy she loves is slain, young Rona Audun decides she will save him from that fate at all costs. Even if it means becoming a Valkyrie herself.

Valkyrie's Wode is an epic fantasy adventure about two friends, and their quest for a second chance against fate. Hunted by the raiders who burned their village, and the valkyrie warriors of Odin himself, they must trek across a mysterious country to find the legendary sorceress who might grant them their wishes, for a price. Along the way, they'll encounter a horde of Norse mythical characters, and find themselves embroiled in a battle that will change history.

Available October 9, 2014!

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