The Characters

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Rona Audun
An impulsive, headstrong orphan girl who refuses to accept the judgment of Odin. Rather than let her only friend be sentenced to Helheim, she steals the power of the Valkyries and escapes with his disembodied soul.
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Reserved and philosophical, Toben is a painter with plans to create an illuminated record of his people's legends. When he is killed on the night of his masterpiece's completion, he is surprised to find himself still earthbound. Now he must adjust to existence as a ghost on the run, and still protect his life's work from forces who want to destroy it.
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The nameless Valkyrie charged with capturing the pair. She is a ruthless fighter who hates Rona for humiliating her in battle. As Hunter's grudge deepens further into obsession, she will go to increasingly drastic lengths to regain her honor.
The Gothi says we're doomed to Helheim. You say we're doomed to nothing at all! I say you're both wrong!
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