The Creative Team

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Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller has been tattooing for over 7 years, and specializes in portraits, pin-ups, and realism. What she enjoys more than anything is illustrating through her tattoos, expanding the medium and pushing the boundaries of what is considered tattoo art.

Sarah has been working in Graphic Design and Illustration since 2005. During her career, she has had the pleasure of working for several local design firms on product branding campaigns. Tattooing took over her life in 2009 and she's devoted much time and love honing her craft. Sarah is the managing partner at Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Pittsburgh, PA.

In 2012 she was cast on the second season of Ink Master where she finished as the runner up. Since the end of that season she's been traveling the world, attending conventions and expos, and changing people's lives one tattoo at a time.
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Halo Jankowski
Halo has been tattooing for almost 10 years. He works primarily in the portrait style area of tattooing but can make any of your wildest tattoo dreams come true. He loves to do freehand style tattoos, just taking markers and drawing you a one of a kind custom piece directly on your skin before taking the needle to it. He is also a painter and does custom auto airbrushing. He is an outstanding role model for anyone looking to turn their life around for the better. Halo beat the hell out of cancer just shy of 2 years ago. He is also on season 4 of Ink Master on Spike TV!

Halo's shot is Black Lotus Tattoos in Savern, Maryland.
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Anthony Moreci
Anthony Moreci graduated with a degree in animation from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Combining his cinematic education with the graphic influences of Scott McCloud and Neil Gaiman, Anthony has written everything from historical documentaries to short screenplays.
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Tony Kordos
Tony Kordos is a professional comic book inker who has worked for every major publisher. Most recently
Tony laid down inks on Marvel's legendary card game over fellow Merc artists pencils. Currently
He's also helping to develope, Fatsa: Lord of the Draons with Jake Mackessy and Babisu Kourtis.
you can find him as part of the Mercenary Art Studios and Sketch Imprint Studios, as well as his fan page on Facebook.
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Damien Torres
Damien Torres is a comic artist from Yonkers, New York, who's grown up with comics all throughout his life. A recent graduate from The Kubert School, Damien has learned to use many tools of the trade, and aside from narrative art, he also paints and is experienced in other traditional mediums as well as experience in the digital side of art. Damien has done artist cards for companies such as Upper Deck and Cryptozoic. The Valkyrie's Wode is the first published comic Damien has worked on.
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Alix Branwyn
Alix Branwyn is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. An innovative digital artist, her work covers a wide range of subjects from death themed to1940s pinup girls. Visit her WEBSITE and see for yourself!

The Valkyries Wode

Story and Concept
Sarah Miller

Writing by
Anthony Moreci

Pencils by
Sarah Miller, Damien Torres

Inking by
Tony Kordos

Halo Jankowski

Sarah Miller

Cover Art
Alix Branwyn

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